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Basic carpentry, electrical, HVAC, and roofing


About Me

General Handyman


I'm just a guy who wants to build stuff. I completed the above projects (and many more) while I was completing a 5-month pre-apprenticeship program with HBI (Home Builders Institute) in Cherokee, NC. Some of my builds (like the roofed benches pictured above) were constructed for community use, while other builds (like the table pictured above) were commissioned by people on staff for their offices/buildings. I was often singled out by staff to perform important painting jobs, handyman work that the maintenance staff wouldn't do, and other skilled work.

I know how to wire up a breaker panel, frame out a soffit, install a ridge vent, wire a 4 way switch, properly do drip edge corners, patch dry-wall holes, frame a floor, wall, and dropped gable roof with hips on one side, estimate a house's power consumption, install fiberglass insulation in walls and attics, diagnose HVAC problems, correctly operate several different zero-turn mower styles, and many other important skills.

I learned how to do all these things not because someone forced me to learn them, but because it is my passion to learn how to do new things; to explore concepts that I haven't explored, to become useful in ways I've never been useful. I regularly completed projects on my own just to be able to say I can frame a hip roof, or just to say I know how to build roof trusses. I strive to learn these things because I want to build houses; I want to build homes; I want to install gutters, put the tar on the last roofing nail, and put the last soffit vent into place. I want to finish strong. 


Forklift Certified

I am licensed to operate powered industrial trucks (forklifts) and variable reach forklifts. I have considerable experience using a 3 pedal forklift to empty large dumpster bins into a roll-off container.


OSHA 10 Certified

I have completed a 10 hour safety class covering fall, struck-by, caught in or between, and electrocution hazards, material handling, hand and power tools, excavations, health hazards in construction, and PPE.


First Aid/CPR Certified

I am certified by American Red Cross to perform CPR and emergency first aid.